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Compliant with the international standard WCAG 2.1 and SIST EN 301 549 V2.1.2

Complies with Article 5 of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act

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Have you ever wondered if your website is accessible to everyone and why is this important?

Access to the physical environment and informations is a basic human right. However, in the case of people with disabilities and others, with one or another form of impairment, this basic right of access is often violated. People with functional, mental and social barriers are denied access to online content and mobile applications, which further hampers them, deepening their inequality.

Ensuring universal human rights, legally guaranteed equal opportunities, equal treatment and the prevention of discrimination experienced by people with disabilities and otherwise hindered in various areas of life must be translated from a declarative level into action.

At Taxus digital, we have taken this important issue seriously and responsibly. We have combined many years of experience gained at home and around the world and prepared a simple and complete solution for your website or mobile application.

The EU and our legislation stipulate that public websites and their content must be accessible to the blind and visuallly impaired, the deaf and hard of hearing, and those who use voice commands, screen readers and other technologies.

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So, how can we help you?

We offer a complete solution

in a couple of simple steps


Setting up the accessibility widget

The accessibility widget provides many features that immediately make the site more accessible to the blind, visually impaired, disabled, epileptics and dyslexics. We install it within 24 hours after signing the contract.

More about the widget

Detailed initial website analysis and accessibility diagnosis

The aim is to make the website fully accessible. With a detailed technical and content analysis, we discover all the problems and errors on the page. The analysis, the complexity of which is proportional to the complexity of the page, is concluded with a detailed diagnostic report and detailed instructions for performing page optimization. We publish the first Statement of Accessibility according to the criteria of the coresponding standard.


Implementation of content optimization and / or integrated solutions

The initial analysis is followed by the implementation of solutions and content implementation works on the site, such as the preparation of video content for the deaf. The manner and scope of implementation works are determined by agreement.


Final assessment of the level of accessibility of the website

Final report on the accessibility of the website and the first update of the Declaration of accessibility.


Regular page review and user support

As websites are constantly evolving and changing, we offer regular consulting and diagnostic support. By agreement, also the implementation of current content and technical solutions.

Raise the number of users of your services, since as many as 71% of internet users with physical or other disabilities simply leave a website or mobile application that is not accessible to them

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Have you noticed our interface on the left edge of the website?

Give it a try! The interface provides control over page design and adds features that make content more accessible. 

Screen reader setting

The page adapts to users of preloaded screen readers, making it easier for the blind and partially sighted to use the page.

Keyboard navigation

Many users with motor disabilities have difficulty using the mouse. This feature allows them to use pages exclusively with keys such as SHIFT and TAB.

Text reader

For customers, we implement a screen reader in any of more than 160 languages, which reads the text on the page in audio form. The user selects the desired text by moving the pointer with a mouse or with a keyboard.

Blink Block

Stops animations and moving elements that launch independently when you visit a page, making the page more user-friendly for people who are susceptible to epileptic or epileptic-like seizures.

Font adjustment

Allows you to adjust the font size and line spacing as you like. The visually impaired, the elderly and others can adapt the text to their liking.


Magnifies all the content of the web page as you would look through a magnifying glass.

Image descriptions

For the needs of the blind and visually impaired, all images on the page must be accompanied by a text description. This feature adds automatically generated descriptions where possible.

Readable format

Converts a page to a basic text format where the content follows one another from top to bottom. The site is more transparent in this form and more suitable for use with various readers and other gadgets.

Virtual keyboard

This feature brings up a keyboard on the screen with which you can enter text using the mouse, which is especially useful for people with certain motor impairments or injuries.

Optional color

With the color scale slider, the user can specify any combination of the color background of the screen, the color of the titles of articles and links, and the text content itself.

Bright, high-contrast screen

Increases page contrast by brightening the background and darkening text, making it easier for the visually impaired  to read.

High contrast dark screen

Provides a black and white display of the contents of the screen, which is the most optimal way of displaying for users with color blindness.

Black and white

Provides a black and white display of the contents of the screen, which is the most optimal way of displaying for users with color blindness.


A cursor is an arrow that marks our position on a web page. By changing its size and color, it becomes more visible to the visually impaired.

Readable font

Converts the font of all serif texts to a non-serif font that is easier to read.

Text magnifier

Increases snippets of text (paragraphs, titles, etc.) that you touched with the cursor. By exposing individual parts of the text, these become easier to read, and at the same time we get rid of other potential disturbances on the page.

Highlight titles

Emphasizes the titles of different parts of the text, making them more noticeable and the page more transparent.

Highlight links

Emphasizes links on the website, making them more visible and the page more transparent.

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, only the disabled represent 12-13% of the total population, but if we add other forms of disabilities, we are approaching 30%.

Make your website accessible

Our offer


  • from 2600 ,00 €

  • Complete technical and user diagnostics of your website
  • Accessibility interface with a wide selection user functions
  • Accessibility report of your website and detailed analysis of critical points
  • Comprehensive instructions for optimizing the site in accordance with the legislation
  • Preparation of Accessibility statements
  • Regular reviews of the accessibility report page
  • Regular innovations in accordance with WCAG standard 2.1
  • Consulting
  • Technical support


  • Price upon request

  • The price includes the BASIC PACKAGE
  • + Voice synthesizer
  • + Video content for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • + Content optimization and editorial consulting
  • + Implementation of technical optimization in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 standard and the applicable law
Examples of prices apply to a one time service.
An annual subscription to the service is determined by the complexity of the website and the scope of the selected package.

By ensuring the accessibility of digital content, your organization can reach more users, improve their experience and gain a competitive advantage over those who do not care about online accessibility.

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